Mothers and the workforce

Mothers and the workforce

June 02, 2019 0 Comments

To my new customers! 

Barbara Destiny Store was inspired with the birth of my daughter Chloe. Life is not often easy for a working mother, but miraculously we make it work every single day. 

As mentioned previously I am a Nurse caring  for sick little children. In doing so I have to leave my daughter at home. At time a mother will feel the guilt of leaving her young ones at home for work. Which was totally my case. How can a mother combine work and caring for her child at the same time? The online store idea was born. 

I am passionate about shopping, shoes, hair, jewelry. It's my calling to help people feel better. Always have always Will. We have new products arrivals. Absolutely gorgeous 😍.

Let me know if you are satisfied with our new products. Write a review.